Purchasing seaweed,

Quality identification and preservation,

Management, processing and sales.

We gather experts in these fields,

utilizing their expertise to provide products with stable quality.


We study the growth of seaweed, collect, integrate, and analyze information related to seaweed around the world. Before purchasing, we make forecasts and integrate plans. With years of experience, we ensure quality and stability so as to provide the best products to customers.

We are dedicated to developing and introducing delicious ingredients from overseas to enhance the sophistication of Taiwanese food culture.

Research and Development

From basic research of seaweed farming, to quality management, biological science, and product management.

We conduct basic and applied research in every aspect related to seaweed, with the purpose of providing high-quality seaweed. Our active research and development aim to broaden the applications of seaweed ingredients.

Storage Management

In order to prevent loss of flavor and freshness of the seaweed, we have adopted an exclusive cryopreservation technology after years of research.

Based on scientific data, while ensuring that the freshness is retained, we process our seaweed using a drying and baking system, so that the natural flavor is not lost.